Apostle Emmanuel Kure at Crossover December, 2015

19 January 2016
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The move that God is going to start in this coming year(2016) is going to last four years. God is going to start a wave that by the end of 2020 it would have completely resituated the church, the body of Christ.

That means God will so turn you over that in 4 years time people who knew you 4 years earlier will not recognize you. God is going to start a movement, a revival that has never been seen before. Next year (2016), God is going to shake up everything from the presidency to the bottom. He will be shaking up things in the nations of the earth. In South Africa, there is going to be a shake up. There is a bombshell coming for America next year(2016). There is going to be a shake up taking place everywhere – in every department, in all the spheres of life, but it will be a shake up for replacement.

Coming to the national front, the reason why God brought Buhari in this time is for a shake up. Each time I pray I never saw Buhari becoming president and untilnow I still do not see him as president. Note: I am not saying I do not recognize him as president; I am talking about prophetic language. In prophecy, in the spirit realm, when I bow to pray for Nigeria I do not have a president. What do I mean? When I bow my head I see the Holy Spirit sitting on the chair (throne.)

When the Jonathan dispensation started, I took a message to President Jonathan that we saw vultures. Rememberthat we had to send members of this ministry to the source of the Niger and we found out that the source of the Niger where the name Nigeria was gotten from is surrounded by two mountains; and the meaning of one of the names of the mountain is "Vulture Mountain" and it is filled with vultures. I told you that one of the presidents of Nigeria in the sixties from the north; beforehe became president had gone to the source of Nigeria to bathe. Fortunately, the man who bathed him is alive, he hardly speaks but it is one of the major historical events he still remembers. He bathed in the river as a consecration to rule this nation.

Next year (2016) God is going to do a new thing that will shake everyone of us and I told Mr President JonathanEbele. That is why people think I am pro Jonathan. I am pro any government in power as a watchman. But I will tell every government the truth whether they like me or not. Fortunately, Jonathan liked me and I will not apologize for that and I am not ashamed relating with his government, just as I was not ashamed to relate with Abacha and Obasanjo's governments. I was not ashamed in the tail end to be called into meetings with the Babangida's government. That is why I am a priest;otherwise there will be no consistency. You cannot join parties and not be there for our nation. Each time you change a party you become a different person.

God said things that shook me, I saw vultures surrounding Jonathan and I saw those vultures, allowed by him, appointed by him, began to eat up the glory of Nigeria. They ate up Nigeria until there was nothing more to eat, they now turned on their principal and began to eat him up and ate whatever glory is left of him. Nowthe Lord gave me the singular privilege, not only to share this revelation with him but also to write it in papers and hand it over to him. He accepted it and asked us to pray for him. At that time things had not gone bad, that was the beginning of power, every president wants prayers. Then we followed it up from time to time. Apostle Ofodile was always by my side in almost all these outings. Chuck Pierce from America came and re-echoedthe same message. In Chuck Pierce's case he began in prophecy to tell the President which people he should remove. I bear witness to president Jonathan that in January of that year, he removed 3 or 4 key people that were mentioned in that prophecy, and 2 of them were in that meeting and Chuck had looked at them in the eye and said thus saith the Lord.
When it was getting towards the end of Jonathan'sgovernment, we went back to the Lord. We are going to be richer in Buhari's time so that men will know that there is a God in heaven. Throughout the time of Jonathan, he was very remorseful, he was the only one who allowed us to rebuke him and sleep well. I felt sorry for him; sometimes ministers use words that they needed to brush their mouths after. He would endure them and still allow them to pray for him. That is why God is still showing him mercy, it was like a weakness to remove anybody from a position, it is like a weakness decision making on his path. At the tail end of his stay, actually two years before the elections we told him God said I am putting you on a scale and I am going to judge you. Yourcoming back is not automatic. If I find out that you do not have a heart to hold back these vultures, you will not come back in the next dispensation. He was told these thrice, we prayed with him, washed his feet over that. When Chuck came, Chuck said the same thing - that his return was not automatic. You cannot talk further than that in prophecy. That is why I never did newspaper declarations; you cannot be talking to the person and be talking in the newspapers. The President knew these things, there is nothing that happened to the President that the he knew not. The same thing with Abacha, there was nothing that happened to Abacha and his government till the day he died that he did not know from this ministry, word for word.

So when I began to pray and say God where is the substitute for Jonathan? He refused to show me anybody. Now I got worried- if you are removing Jonathan, where is the substitute? That made me believe that somewhere along the line Jonathan will escape it and continue because God was not showing the substitute. Until the election took place and Jonathan did not come back. Butwhy won't God at least tell me that it is Buhari I have chosen? But He refused. Do you know why? Becauseaccording to His explanation now, by His hand He is going to turn around Nigeria and no power in hell will stop Him. Those who sit on the seat today are sitting on the seat of mercy and that if they tilt the seat the wrong way the Owner of the seat will remove them.

Many of you will remember mid way into the Jonathan time, I saw this vision I shared. I was disturbed; I thought it was going to be a coup. I saw a whirl wind and the whirl wind was moving all over Nigeria uprooting trees, major trees, particularly trees that have walked over this nation like colossus, destroyed the future of this nationand stole from this nation. That whirlwind was removing them and replacing them with new innocent blood and restoring back innocence to this country. As the Lord showed that revelation, the Lord said this whirlwind you see is a Major General. There was this Major General that was to come either from the northeast or northwest (wherever, those areas close to the Adamawa areas) andthat man was going to move around like a colossus. Myproblem with that dream was that as it was uprooting and placing and uprooting, it was so wild that even those who were not marked for judgment were carried away and swept away by that wind. The third thing was that when that thing happened, and that thing was going uncontrollably, I heard the Lord say except a leach is put on this General and then He kept quiet. You know the thing with whirlwinds - the same way they start is the same way they just fall down and disappeared. Themystery of the whirlwind!

I was talking to the ministers of the RCCG worldwide Itold them that they should not rejoice because the VP is from their folk - unto whom much is given much is required because God will ask of this nation from theirchurch. I told them the ministry of the VP is to put that leach, that guidance to the whirlwind so that the whirlwind does not go overboard. And that if he does not set that guidance that helps Mr President to finish well and to survive his term (that is why he is even a pastor,he carries the oil of a priest that can do physical and spiritual things). That if he does not set the kind of control, that politely helps the President to continue to move in the right directions, God will require the destiny of this nation from him and from the church that gave birth to him. God said every Christian in this governmentis supposed to help the government not to go over boardbecause it has a tendency of going overboard. Thewhirlwind does not choose; if there is no guidance the whirlwind will take both the righteous and theunrighteous and destroy them all.

The Lord says the reason why He raised Mr President is to reposition Nigeria and restore her back to the original program. Next year is the year of restoring to original programs for human beings and for nations. God is going to start a shaking that will reposition these nations according to the destinies He has ordained. God said in the days when President Buhari gets carried away by that whirlwind spirit and he pokes his hands into the eyes of the Lord, the Lord said in that day, by one of his own he will cut him off. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church in this crossover. Thatmeans anyone serving in the government must be forthright. You Christians in the government, if you do not want to be vomited out you must be forthright. Youmust be an example of perfection. If you are not, you will be a casualty. I don t care how dodgy you are, I do not care whether you are the greatest master of politics; you will not escape it. This is because even for the President God still keeps an uncertainty around him, that is why He is God. That is why I am warning people - stop praying that the President should die, God has His conditions for which He will bring judgment and if the President does not break those conditions, no Christianprayer can kill him. So those of you who are doing that unrighteous thing you better vomit it out of you before you begin to die before the President. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

1. As we cross over to the next year, can we ask God to release the arch angel that is in charge of Nigeria to stand beside our president, General Buhari and to set standard for him and put a leach that guides him. We owe him that duty as Christians in this season that he willnot overdo, and he will not go overboard, that he will not kill himself. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith to the church so that you do not say the church is without witness that is why up to today; I know there is a government. God told me there is a government. But I do not see a President because the President is controlled by the wind. By the way, how many of you know that the Holy Spirit is a wind? And that the Holy Spirit is also called the whirlwind? It depends whichclothe He is wearing that day - the day the Holy Ghost is wearing the clothe of violence you will see a whirlwind. So He is not the chairshooting those arrows the way He is shooting them. But like I said during our retreat, my prayer is that the President will learn wisdom to discern when he is being manipulated and to draw the line lest he comes into direct confrontation with the Almighty Himself.

2. One of the prayers we prayed during our retreat was that the President himself would not get carried away his own religion and say let me give to Islam something. It is natural, he should give Islam something, every President does that - they give their religion something. Butlet it not be something that swallows up the secularity of Nigeria and the liberty of people of other religions. If the President is not careful to draw that line and place God in Nigeria, God will answer for Himself.

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