Women: Your Redeemer Is Calling

Women: Your Redeemer Is Calling

Women: Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law! That scripture should not be taken for granted. Christ redeemed us from every curse that brings bondage, restriction and imprisonment. Regardless of how far, how wrong, how long, how old, or how ancient that curse has been, Christ’s redemption stands. Whether it came through family, or through an elder or if you brought that curse upon yourself doesn’t change the redemptive power of Christ. He was hung on the cross to break every curse by generational lineage, by written words, by words of mouth, from ancient times, or by happenings in your family. No matter what kind of curse has been released against you, Christ our redeemer broke it at the cross.


Let women hear this and take their rightful place. When humanity is going through pain, women go through more. When there is war, women go through more pain. When there is hunger women go through much more of it. Everything that has to do with man affects the woman much more. Why? Because she carries the issue of blood. Woman is brought forth out of the body. She was not brought forth from the ground like Adam was. She was molded out of the body. She was molded out of finished work so she connects with the body. She connects with Christ. When Christ was going through all his travail in Calvary, she was right there following His body every step of the way. Do not trade Him with any other, stay connected, He is your life spring. Your true Adam!


As the women beheld Jesus on the cross, they heard him say “It is finished”. The work of nature holding us bound is finished. The work of the flesh is finished. The curse of sin is finished. Curses of transgression are finished. Iniquity is ended; it’s power to hold the woman down was broken at the cross. The women heard Jesus on the cross when he said those powerful words, “It is finished!” And he kept on again and again speaking through as he travailed. Every word he spoke on the cross was for our redemption. You can receive freedom because at the cross of Jesus broke the curse. At the cross he broke the curse and the women where right there listening to Him. Can you listen to him again? Come out of the lies and deceit of sin and gain eternal freedom. Can you hear him say, “It is finished”?


In the upper room he proclaimed that he had given His blood for the forgiveness of man. On that same cross he said “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” The power of forgiveness is given to us all. Every woman who can come will receive forgiveness and release. Do not allow any kind of curse, any words spoken by anyone to bring you to the place of bondage again. Because the Son has set you free, you are free indeed. You can stand in the gap right now and break every kind of curse. This is part of the message that you ought to carry as a woman; to know and proclaim that it is finished. And today it is time for you to go in, that the head of the church Christ will connect you into the place of the vibrancy of his grace and his will, to move into the place of his power. It is time to come into that strength of His and break every barrier around you and go forth in freedom and liberty. As you walk in freedom, reach out to many others also and propel them into the place of freedom. It is finished in the name of Jesus!



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