Jan 2018
Carrier of Blessings II

‘But you are He who took me out of the womb; you made me trust while on my mother’s breasts. I was cast upon you from birth, from my mother’s womb you have been my God.’ ( Ps. 22:9-10) Oh wow! The breast is one of God’s channel of building trust in an infant for proper, balanced upbringing. It is an ordinance ebbed in the female for human to be human. When you witness a child breast feeding, you can’t but admire how the child beholds his or her mother. The child......

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Dec 2017
Elect Ladies: Carrier of Blessings

Gen.49:25 “By the God of your father, who will help you, and by the Almighty,Who will bless you with blessings of the heavens, above. Blessings lying in the deep beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the Womb.” (Amplified) The Patriarch Jacob blessed Joseph with the root of man’s existence on earth after the first Adam. The womb is the secret place where the seed of man takes form and shape. The breast is the channel for the first essential food man needs for proper healthy growth. All that man needs in......

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Apr 2015
Spiritual Provisions in Heavenly Places

There is a company of innumerable Angels in Heaven who specialise in different assignments. They are ministering spirits that are always at the service to believe who live and walk by the spirit. When you have a soul tie with heaven, as a child of God, that is your soul is hid in Christ Jesus in heavenly places, above all principalities and powers of darkness; you can call heaven to open up to you and these angel will always be ready to carryout assignments on your behalf. One of the reason why......

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